The Quilting Day

Lutheran World Relief

Quilters meet every Tuesday at 9:00 am in the quilting room at Zion. Come stay as long as you wish. Bring a lunch!

LWR Mission Quilts are useful for shielding against the cold and rain, and for warm bedding. Quilts can also be purposed as simple tents, floor coverings, or a wrap to hold a baby on a mother's back. 

Quilts have also been given locally to  families who have experienced a fire. At Christmas time 10-12 quilts are donated to the Sharing Tree of Midland County. 

In the fall the quilts are shipped to an LWR warehouse and eventually shipped all over the world. 

The Workroom

Quilts are made by recycling donated fabric,  bed sheets,  fabric found at garage sales, etc. Fabric is cut into squares, sewn together, Used blankets, mattress pads or flannel sheets are used for fillers. Thrivent Action Team cards have been received to purchase batting for fillers as well. Donations of fabric, sheets, etc. is also welcome. Drop them off anytime in the quilting room. 

The ladies use their creativity in making up the designs.  The quilts are then tied together and the edges bound.