12 Pastors have served at Zion

  • Pastor paul hauser

    Pastor Paul Hauser was called in August of 2000 from Bethlehem, Saginaw.

    Ordained 12/31/1983. Pastor Hauser retired December 31, 2022.

  • rev ken johnson

    Pastor Johnson served at Zion from March 1996 to February 1998.  After almost 2 years, he accepted a call to Newberry in Michigan's upper peninsula.  From Newberry, MI he took a call to Avon, South Dakota where today he serves 4 congregations.

  • Pastor Anthony sobocinski

    Pastor Sobocinski  served at Zion from November 1992 to October 1995.  After almost 3 years, he accepted a call to Canada.  He is currently serving in Oakwood, Ohio in the Ohio District LCMS.

  • Rev elmer Schiefer

    Pastor Elmer Schiefer was called from St. Peter at St. John's Michigan and was installed on September 11, 1966 at Zion.  He retired December 1991 after 26 years of faithfully serving this congregation.  Pastor Schiefer still lives in Missouri and even though retired, still ministers doing Bible Study.

  • Pastor leonard newman

    Pastor Newman was installed at Zion on September 30, 1962.  He served for 3 years until September 1965 when he accepted a Call to St. Paul Lutheran Church at Sanford, Michigan.

  • Rev theodore zetzer

    Pastor Zetzer served from September 1960 to August 1962.  After almost 2 years of service he resigned.

  • Pastor paul richert

    Pastor Paul Richert grew up in the Zion congregation and replaced his father after his death.  He served the congregation for more than 6 year, from January 1954 to March 1960, when he accepted a Call extended to him by Grace Lutheran Church in Monroe, Michigan.  Pastor Paul then returned to fill the vacancy at Zion from 1988 to 2000.

  • Rev otto richert

    Pastor Richert served at Zion from September 1918 to November 1953.  After more than 35 years of faithful service, he was called to his heavenly home after a short illness.

  • pastor c.w. volz

    Pastor Volz served at Zion from March 1916 to August 1918.  After more than 2 years of service, he resigned.

  • Rev j.g. nuechterlein

    Pastor Nuechterlein served at Zion from June 1912 to February 1916.  After about 3 1/2 years, he accepted a call to Frankenlust.

  • Pastor karl mueller

    Pastor Mueller served as the 1st minister at Zion.  Approximately 1 year after the founding of our Church, Pastor Mueller was installed on February 16, 1896.  He remained at Zion for more than 17 years until he accepted a call to Kentucky in April of 1912.